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Thirty five years experience as a location audio mixer for film and television in the UK and abroad. Freelance for twenty six years with own film and Television drama location audio kit including new Sound Devices CF & SD card recorders, plus mixers, digital radio microphones and headsets. Formerly with Central Television 1985-1988 and Tyne Tees Television 1982-1985. BAFTA and AMPS member.


BAFTA award winner 2019 (Killing Eve)
BAFTA award winner 2001 (Anna Karenina) (Company Films)
BAFTA nominated 2001 (North Square) & 1997 (This Life)
RTS nominated 2001 (Anna Karenina) (Company Films)
EMMY award winner 1995 (CBS Sports)
AMPS award winner 2019 (Killing Eve)
CONCH award – short listed 2012 production mixer of the year

Recent Productions:

KILLING EVE 4 (2021) Sid Gentle Producer Nige Watson. Directer- Stella Corradi 

WHAT REMAINS (BBC) 2013 Director Coky Giedroyc, Producer Grainne Marmion

ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL (2020) Netflix Producer Mark Kinsella - Director SJ Clarkson

SILENT WITNESS XVI  (BBC)2012 Director Antony Byrne, David Richards, Richard Clark. Producer Sharon Bloom

GOHSTS 2 (2020) (3 Episodes)- Producer Matthew Mulot. Director- Tom Kingsley

SILENT WITNESS XV (BBC) 2011 Director Andy Hay Ed Bennett Antony Bryne, Mike Barker ,Producer Richard Burell, Lachlon McKinnon

HARLOTS - (2016) Producer Lawrence Till. Director Coky Giedroyc, China Moo-Young, Jill Robertson.

WAKING THE DEAD IX (BBC) Director Mark Jobst, Andy Hay Producer Colin Wratten

KILLING EVE 3 (2019) Sid Gentle BBC America. Producer Nige Watson. Director Damon Thomas, Terry McDonough, Shannon Murphy, Miranda Bowen.

GEORGE GENTLY (BBC) Director Daniel O’Hara Producer Suzan Harrison

ADULT MATERIAL (2019) Fifty Fathoms - Producer - Patrick Spence DirectorDawn Shadforth. 

MURDERLAND (ITV) Director Catherine Morshead Producer Kate Croft Dave Edwards

HARLOTS 3 (2019)- Producer- Pat Tookey Dickson Director- Robin Sheppard, Chloe Thomas.

HUSTLE (Kudos )2008 Dirctor Julian Simpson,Martin Hutcins & JamesStrong

KILLING EVE 2   (2018) Sid Gentle-BBC America- Producer- Elenor Day. Director - Damon Thomas 

HARLEY STREET (Carnival Films )2008 Producer Joy Spink

SILENT WITNESS XV (BBC) 2011 Director Andy Hay, Ed Bennett, Antony Bryne, Mike Barker, Producer Richard Burell, Lachlon McKinnon.

MIDNIGHT MAN (ITV Drama)2007- Producer Willy Wands, Director David Drury

JERUSALEM (2018) Twenty Twenty. Producer- Rhonda Smith. Director- Alex Winckler

SOLD (ITV Drama)- Director Barnaby Southcombe

THE ROMANOFFS (2018) Amazon. Producer Matthew Weiner, Nick Pitt ,Blake McCormik Director Matthew Weiner

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (ITV Drama) 2007 Director Nicholas Renton

KILLING EVE (2017) Sid Gentle - BBC America. Producer Colin Wratten Director Harry Bradbeer, Jon East, Damon Thomas

THE LAST ENEMMY (BBC Drama) 2007- Producer Gub Neal Director Iain B MacDonald

COLLATERAL (2017) BBC (The Forge). Producer Mark Pybus. Director SJ Clarkson

IT’S A BOY GIRL THING (Feature Film) 2005 –producer David Furnish for Rocket Films

DISOBEDIENCE (2017) Film – Producer- Ed Guiney, Rachel Weisz Director - Sebastion Lelio (In Production)

HOTEL BABYLON (BBC Drama) 2005-2006 series 1&2 –producer Chris Aird

HARLOTS - (2016) Producer Lawrence Till.Alison Owen. Director Coky Giedroyc, China Moo-Young, Jill Robertson

ALL ABOUT GEORGE (ITV Drama) 2005 –producer Lucy Bedford

SILENT WITNESS XX - (2016) Director David Richards, Producer Ceri Meyrick.

LIE WITH ME (ITV Drama) 2004- producer Lucy Bedford, director Susanna White

SAFE HOUSE II - (2016) In Production

THE LAST DETECTIVE I &IV (ITV Drama) 2002 & 2006 –producer Nick Hurran

ANOTHER MOTHERS SON (2015) Film. Bill Kenwright Films Director Chris Menaul –In Production.

WHOSE BABY (ITV Drama) 2004- producer Simon Passmore, director Rebbecca Frayn

SILENT WITNESS XIX (2015) BBC Director David Drury, Richard Senior, Mark Everest, Kieth Boak. Producer Madonna Baptiste

INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES III & IV (BBC Drama) 2003 & 2004 –producer Jenny Robins & Chris Aird

ASYLUM (2014) Director Iain B MacDonald Producer Tom Thostrop

PETER IN PARADISE (BBC Drama) 2003 –producer/director Mary McMurray

ATLANTIS II (BBC) 2014 Director Justin Molotnikov Producer Julian Murphy

AS IF (CH4 Drama) 2003 –series II for Carnival Films

SILENT WITNESS XVII (BBC) 2013 Director Daniel O’Hara David Richards Nicholas Renton Craig Viveiros Dusan Lazarevic. Producer Sharon Bloom

THE COMMANDER (ITV Drama) 2002 –by Lynda La Plante, director Michael Whyte

THE SECRET (BBC Drama) 2001 – producer Paul Ruttman, director Alrick Riley

ATTACHMENTS (BBC Drama) 2001 –series II for World Productions

A LUMP IN MY THROAT (BBC Drama) 2001 -autobiographical drama by John Diamond


TEACHERS (CH4 Drama) series I & III for Tiger Aspect

NORTH SQUARE (CH4 Drama) 2000 –producer Alison Davi

THIS LIFE II (BBC2) – director Harry Bradbeer, Joe Ahearne, producer Jane Fallon

ANNA KARENINA (CH4 Drama) 2000 –director David Blair, producer Matthew Bird

Earlier Work:

Peak Practice (ITV Drama) . Supergran (ITV Drama) Paul McCartney (BBC Music) . Hardwick House (ITV Drama) The Tube (CH4 Music) Auf Weidersien Pet (ITV Drama) . Girls on Top (ITV Drama) . Notes From A Small Island (ITV Doc) Ken Russell In Search Of The English Folk Song (CH4 Film) Winter Olympics 1992, 1994 and 1998 for CBS; speciality ski work

Directors Worked With:

Ken Russell . Tony Smith . Tim Fywell . Susanna White . Kieth Boak, Joe Ahearne . Rick Stroud . David Blair . Sallie Aprahamian . Brian Stirner . Kenny Glenaan . Tim Dowd . Geoff Wonfor . Harry Bradbeer . Philippa Langdale . Gerry Mill . John Stroud . Tony Symmons, Matthew Evans, David Tucker, Paul Whittington, Colin Teague.

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